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Words words words

Manasseh Benjamin This list of names matches God's list of tribes Num. Note that Levi, as a priest tribe, is excluded from being numbered Num.

When added, each of the six color matched groups is divisible by One may think of a tetrahedron as a three-dimensional triangle pointing to the triune nature of God. Reading right to left from the top, the sum of the odd numbered names isexactly one-half of The sum of the even numbered names is as well.

The number eight is associated with Jesus because, among other things, it represents salvation and a new covenant in the Bible.

Words words words

For instance, there were eight people saved in Noah's ark. Isaac was circumcised on the eighth day, etc. Other Greek names for Messiah are also divisible by eight. Lord KurioV has a value of The "8" association with Messiah and the "37" Star of David relationship are seen by adding name values in the Breastplate.

Every name below is used exactly five times to make the multiples of Subtracting from the Genesis 1: The last word of the Bible is amen, or amhn in its original Greek.

Words words words

The Greek gematria value of amhn is 99 alpha 1, mu 40, eta 8, nu The last word of the Hebrew Bible is V'yahal and he shall go up. Since 50 is the value of the letter nun, this missing nun fits the missing-letter pattern of other Psalms.

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For instance, the 23 verses of Psalm 34 start with every letter of the Hebrew alphabet except vav. The 40 verses of Psalm 37 start with every letter except ayin, and the 21 verses of Psalm start with every letter except nun.

Underscoring the Holy Trinity are both two- and three-dimensional triangle numbers. The number is the perimeter value of both the 73rd triangle and the 19th star The place value of Palmoni 72 is also the perimeter value of both the 25th triangle and the 7th star In the star are 37 rows of counters.

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An interesting observation about the Bible is that if a number is mentioned in the text, one may find the same number encoded in the text. For instance, the passage starting at John It is a truncated triangle number, too, as 1 and 15 are also triangle numbers.

In the Bible are various triangle numbers, such as the days of creation 6the number of God's Commandments 10the number of books in the Bible 66the disciples in the Upper Roomthe number saved in Paul's shipwreckthe length of Noah's Ark cubitsand the number of man Of course, all of these triangle numbers point to the triune nature of God.

The base Trinity number is three. Gematria of the third word of the Bible, Elohim, a plural form of God, dramatically underscores the Holy Trinity. Gematria values of the five Hebrew letters of Elohim mem, yod, heh, lamed, aleph total 86 40, 10, 5, 30, 1. Note that these values can be read as three groups of three, i.

Sums of these groups are 36, 45 and 55, a rising sequence of consecutive triangle numbers 8th, 9th and 10th. These three triangles totalitself a triangle number. In the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, what are the odds that a five-letter sequence has three groups of consecutive triangle numbers?

Only one of them is a valid Hebrew word: We find the following hepatic 7 structure throughout these original Greek versus.Standard tuning.

Chords Used: C, E, Am, F, C*, E*, F*, C-note. / C: E: Am F: C* E* F* / only tab: C-note: Words, words, words. HAMLET. A lot of words. POLONIUS. What is the matter, my lord? POLONIUS. And what is the subject? HAMLET. Between who? HAMLET. Between whom? Read the Summary of Act II, scene ii. Act 2, Scene 2, Page 7.

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