Womens rights to abortion is it morally right

Women's rights arguments in favour of abortion Here are some of the women's rights arguments in favour of abortion:

Womens rights to abortion is it morally right

June 3, 1 comment Discussing Abortion From a recent discussion on abortion: Half of all women are pro-life, and half of all women believe that abortion is morally wrong — Gallup Poll Abortion also hurts women physically, emotionally and psychologically — abortion facts.

There is a new, much improved feminism which is superior to the old outdated feminism which demanded the destruction of what a woman values the most—her family. Their voices matter less than yours? Abortion is legal whether or not you agree with it. You might want to revise your BS line about it being the same as killing a husband.

By your logic I have a right not to have my tax dollars go towards illegal foreign wars and gas subsidies. Not that public opinion can alter morality, but even on your terms, you lose. A human is a human, no matter how small.

A human is a human sure but a fetus is a fetus and a zygote is a zygote and abortion is legal.

Womens rights to abortion is it morally right

Keep fighting the good fight though if it makes you feel morally superior. As soon as Republicans take action they lose this as a wedge issue. Alan — No need to get so emotional. Perhaps YOU like to feel morally superior, but you have no grounds for throwing that accusation at me. It is possible to disagree with people and to debate the facts without feeling morally superior or turning it into a fight.

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Just trying to put the facts out there. BTW, you misquoted the poll. Like it or not, Americans are rapidly turning pro-life, as they find out more about abortion and its effects on women, on children and on society. In addition, on other related questions, pro-life is actually winning today in Regarding majorities and abortion and why the Republicans have not reversed abortion, you should know better, unless you have not been following this issue.

There has never been a vote on the legality of abortion in the United States, either by the people, or by the legislature.

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Abortion decisions, starting with Roe v. Liberals have found a loophole in the Constitution, by which the will of the people can be circumvented. Glad to have the opportunity to point that out.

Yeah that damned Liberal court we have now sure is making decisions based on the will of the people.

Womens rights to abortion is it morally right

Is that thier job? Stating that a pre-born child is a life is also not a certainty. What I want is for conservatives to stick to thier supposed values. Keep the government out of the uterus.

Not a certainty, unless you consult moral experts—including most major religionsthe Dalai Lama, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Hindus, Islamic leaders, the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, Oriental Orthodoxy, Orthodox Judaism, Protestant Churches all Fundamentalist, Pentecostal, Charismatic and other Evangelical denominationsthe Southern Baptist Convention, the Roman Catholic Church, and thousands of other moral experts including over 1, pro-life groups that are not affiliated with religious denominations, who all oppose abortion on demand.

These moral experts are not in vehement opposition to the surgical removal of a mole, but to the termination of a human life. Murderers get charged with TWO counts of murder when they murder pregnant women.

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Then the language of dehumanization kicks in, to whitewash what is really going on, and to make it more palatable. Out of more than laws of Moses, none comments on abortion.

If the woman dies, however, the culprit must be killed: Your quotation actually does the opposite of approving abortion. It acknowledges the human life existing in the woman and specifies punishment for the destruction of that life.

You are really grasping at straws. Moreover, the Mosaic law in Exodus If you are an American christian, you may want to check out these groups: Steven — Of course, the fact that we are having this discussion is because you were not aborted as a child.Jul 20,  · Abortion is an important element of women's rights because women are more affected by the abortion debate than men, both individually (if they are considering an abortion) and as a gender.

While discussing abortion recently, a friend of mine made two arguments that go something like this: abortion is a women’s rights issue, and, even further, women (and their doctors) alone should be the ones making the decisions.

With this approach, we can say that sometimes abortion is clearly morally right (e.g. aborting a medically dangerous pregnancy in an year-old that resulted from incestuous rape), sometimes abortion is clearly morally wrong (well-to-do, married parents in their late twenties abort a perfectly healthy fetus in the third trimester because they wanted a boy instead of a girl), and most of the time, it's somewhere in the .

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Women’s right to comprehensive reproductive health services, including abortion, is rooted in international human rights standards guaranteeing the right to life, health, privacy, and non-discrimination. Jul 20,  · The 'women's rights' arguments for abortion involve not only placing an appropriate value on the lives and freedom of women but also accepting that it .

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