Whose life is it anyway essay

He cannot lead life by himself outside the hospital. His sickness will kill him and so he has to be kept alive by medical technology. He is however very determined to exercise a choice over his own life or death. He chooses to die rather than having to live this life.

Whose life is it anyway essay

Media based analysis for "Whose Life is it anyway? But in the film, many scenes take place away from the hospital. I think this is because it is easier to change the scenes in a film because some are already there.

They go on location for a film but in a play they have to stay on the stage. It is set outside so the film crew were doing a location shot.

Whose Life is it Anyway

I think this scene was added because it shows what Ken did before the accident and how much he loved his job and cared for his work.

It also shows his fianci??

Whose life is it anyway essay

She was a dancer who suffered from a bad knee and had to warm it up properly before dancing. He goes home after saying goodbye to his fianci?? This adds to the action as you get to see the crash. The second scene was when he met Mr Hill while watching little paraplegics playing basketball in their wheelchairs.

Seeing the expressions in detail also adds tension to the film and you can understand more what he is feeling. This scene also helps Ken in his decision to die, as he realises he will never be able to use his hands again, even though the paraplegics can, and he knows he will never do anything for himself again.

She also talks to Clare about how much he has lost from the accident and how he will never be able to sculpt again. The sculptures are laid out around the studio so Clare can see how good Ken really was. This scene adds to the film because the two women that feel most strongly about Ken in the film meet eachother and talk to eachother.

The fourth scene was when Ken sees a young girl undergoing dialysis treatment. She is getting better from the treatment but he is not so this upsets him.

The Issues of Euthanasia in Whose Life Is It Anyway - Assignment Example

Also there are close ups again so this shows what he is feeling in more detail.Ken Harrison is not a normal person. He's not capable of adapting himself to a new lifestyle which causes such dramatically changes as paralysation.

By being paralysed, he loses everything of importance for him. His whole life is being physically active, he loves to walk by the beach, he loves the nature, he loves sports, and he loves women. whose life is it anyway Essays: Over , whose life is it anyway Essays, whose life is it anyway Term Papers, whose life is it anyway Research Paper, Book Reports.

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ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. In the play, Whose Life Is It Anyway?,composed by Brian Clark, considers the physical, emotional and intellectual journey of patient, ken Harrison, who presented with an unusual Journey because the quadriplegic which paralyzed from neck down.

In the play Whose life is it anyway Brian Clark poses one of the "big" questions in life "Do I have free will"?

Whose life is it anyway essay

The title of the play itself a rhetorical question. One doesn't know who has actually asked the question, firstly one would guess that it would be Ken, but it could be the author himself. The Issues of Euthanasia in Whose Life Is It Anyway 20th Century Modern Play Coursework: Whose Life Is It Anyway In Rossetti’s Goblin Market the forces of life and love are threatened by death – elaborate.

The final tribunal scenes is the most important part of the play because the final decision over Ken’s life. This has been argued between the doctors and Ken throughout the play.

Whose life is anyway by Brian Clark Essay Example For Students | Artscolumbia