To what extent can david cameron

When he writes that it is vital for our country — for the strength of our economy, for the health of our democracy and for the influence of our nation — that we get our relationship with Europe right; I could not agree more. However, is it not for the reasons he states that this country, especially for the health of its democracy, needs first and foremost to be a self-governing country? How can our economy have any strength when it is subjected to the petty rules and regulations that emanate from Brussels and to which we are tied? How can we have influence in the world when our voice is subservient to that of Brussels?

To what extent can david cameron

So you haven't settled the defence row?

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So no, I mean very few things have been completely settled because until you've settled everything, you can't actually announce the overall stance in terms of the deficit and what we plan to do.

But let me be clear about this.

To what extent can david cameron

I will not take any risks with Britain's defence. But I want us to have something that the last government didn't do - a proper review to make sure we're spending money in a way that's going to protect our country for the future. Now that's what this is about and it's happening around the cabinet table in the right way.

But to be clear about the scale of the decisions, if you put a freeze or cancel those huge carriers and some of the other surface fleet, we would as a country be in the position where the Royal Navy was no longer able to fly the flag or be a presence in the Mediterranean or the Indian Ocean or the Gulf or lots of places, and we might also be in the position where we couldn't operate another Falklands kind of campaign.

These are huge decisions for the security of this country. They are huge decisions. But what you've got to do is look at the threats that we face today. If you take the Navy, for instance - as well as having that sort of capacity you talk about, we've got to think about piracy in the Gulf, we've got to think about drug running in the Caribbean.

To what extent can david cameron

We need in many cases to make our armed forces more flexible, more adaptable, and sometimes that is going to mean changes. Well that's not what you need today.

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We've got aeroplanes that are ready to do dog fights with the Soviet Union Air Force. Well that's obviously a very big part of the decisions that we have to make about how we make sure our forces are flexible.

And as we sit here, their fate is still uncertain? You're going for that one? We've been set if you like an impossible question. We've been left Of all the things I've inherited as Prime Minister, this is the biggest mess that I've had.

Well it's being built at the moment.

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Leave a Reply. The Conservative Party Under Cameron A decade into his leadership has David Cameron fundamentally changed the Conservative Party, or has he simply re-framed Thatcherism for the 21st century? David Cameron has been leader of the Conservative Party for a decade.
David Cameron – in his own ‘weasel’ words | Witterings from Witney George Osborne served as Chancellor of the Exchequer under Cameron throughout his tenure as Prime Minister The economy was a priority in the continuing wake of lates financial crisis and the consequent increasing government debt when Cameron came into office, with the topic being of much concern in British public opinion.

The point I'm making is that we have to answer these questions - how much are you going to spend, what is the posture going to be - and all of these will be answered in great detail. And what I want to reassure people is this is not being done just thinking about the finances.

This is being done thinking about what is right for the country in terms of our defence.If David Cameron reassess his Big Society ideals and adds in the other half of the story along the lines we suggest, he will not only have a powerful vision which everyone can understand, he will have the means at his disposal to both unite his party and revive his country’s fortunes.

David Cameron says there was "no grand deal" with the Murdochs in return for their newspapers supporting the Conservatives before the election. The PM told the BBC he . david cameron: (over) Well what I've found in In the House of Commons, what I've found is you can actually work together more constructively and I backed for instance Tony Blair's education bill because I thought it was right for the country.

From to conservative party lost three general elections in a row. David Cameron has introduced much reform into the Conservative Party since his ascension into power of the Conservative Party, in December Nov 18,  · This commentary engages with UK Prime Minister David Cameron's concept of the ‘Big Society’ as a cure for issues of multiple deprivation in UK cities.

It considers the extent that it can be summarily dismissed as the latest manifestation of processes of neoliberalisation or as a cover for major cuts in public expenditure. In the spirit of the arguments of critics who wish to have an open.

David Cameron: Britain and China can build a lasting friendship and work together for mutual benefit through openness, dialogue and trade.

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