The rich history of ireland

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The rich history of ireland

Celtic Ireland

Since that first human settlement in BC Ireland has had many periods of invasion and change in its civilian populations. This rich history and heritage has helped to shape Ireland both north and south into the unique country it is today.

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The Celts or Celtic peoples from Western Europe, who came to be also known as Gaels, invaded Ireland subduing the previous inhabitants sometime between about and BC. The Viking Invasions The Celts formed a huge part in Irelands developing society and played a major role in our culture.

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They remained unchallenged until the late 8th century, with the arrival of the Vikings from Scandinavia who began to raid Ireland as well as most of mainland Europe. While other parts of Europe around this time were responding to such outside foreign pressures throughout developing their own systems of feudalism, the Gaelic society in Ireland did not lend itself to such development.

The Anglo-Norman Conquest The unity that had been in place in Irish society under Brian Boru during the Viking invasions, had however disappeared by the time Ireland faced its next challenge that of the Normans from England in the 12th century which had long term influence on Ireland.

This challenge came from the highly effective feudal monarchy the Normans, founded in England by William I William the Conqueror after his invasion of that country in from Normandy in France.

Modern Ireland The Norman Conquest brought Ireland under a new rule for several centuries with many attempts at rebellion. In suppressing their rebellion between andEnglish forces devastated the Ulster countryside.

When he was defeated by William III at the Battle of the Boyne inthey shared in his defeat suffering under new laws, the Penal Laws, enacted by the victors the Protestant elite.

Also referred to as "The Great Hunger", the Great Famine lasted between and was arguably the single greatest disaster that affected the Irish history creating a seismic change in the population and culture.

The History of Ireland

The Division of Ireland Frustration arising from the continued postponement of home rule led to the Easter Rising in Dublin, a major turning point in Irish history.

Although a military failure, this rebellion brought a new generation of potential leadership to public attention and sparked a new drive for Irish independence that would finally come to fruition a few years later. Whereas the Republic of Ireland was born out of a nationalist demand, Northern Ireland arose out of a defensive reaction on the part of a people who never quite became nationalists of any sort.A BRIEF HISTORY OF IRELAND Today, Ireland is a country with a bright future.

In , “Economist” magazine selected it as the best place in the Early Irish society was organized into a number of kingdoms, with a rich culture, a learned upper class, and artisans who created elaborate and beautiful metalwork with bronze, iron, and gold. is dedicated to showcasing the rich history and culture of Ireland. We offer informative articles and concerning Irish culture, traditions, and history including: a collection of Irish legends and fairy tales, articles on Saint Patrick's Day.

Ireland: Ireland, country of western Europe occupying five-sixths of the westernmost major island of the British Isles.


The country is noted for a rich heritage of culture and tradition that was linked initially to . Ireland is a country of rich history.

The rich history of ireland

The country is majestically, with its green landscape and colorful people. Ireland has a dark side though.

The conflict between Great Britain and Northern Ireland has been a problem from before the Middle Ages.

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Now, the people of Northern Ireland want t. Jun 12,  · Celtic Ireland, the time between the Bronze Age and before the coming of Christianity in the 4 th century AD, is often looked on as something of a golden age in Irish history.

At this time, the island was home to a rich and flourishing culture with legendary sagas, beautiful metalwork, and a rich oral literature of poetry and caninariojana.coms: 8. Oct 14,  · Watch video · Saint Patrick’s Day is a day for celebrating Irish history and tradition.

Below is a selection of classic Irish recipes, and a few modern variations, for .

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