The development of the dairy product beliefs in the people

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The development of the dairy product beliefs in the people

The report includes the market share contributed by the sales of different dairy products including processed milk, yoghurt, cheese, ice cream, butter, flavored milk and milk powder. The study also enlists the key market indicators which include consumption per capita, total consumption and production, average per unit and price, and import and export data by value and by quantity.

Processed milk dominated the overall dairy product market in Easy availability of processed milk through large number of unorganized players operating in the market is the major factor contributing towards high demand for processed milk in the nation.

Yoghurt captured second position in the market majorly due to increasing trend among the people in nation to consume more amount of yoghurt due to its nutritious value and as an effect of the government initiatives to increase health awareness among the overweight and obese population of Kenya.

Kenya dairy board is the regulator body which was established in under the Act of Parliament, the dairy industry act, Cap of Kenya law.

The board is responsible for regulating, developing and promoting dairy industry in Kenya to facilitate its stakeholder activities with quality and competitive dairy products and build sustainability in the Kenya dairy industry.

Kenya Dairy Master Plan is a strategic policy document that indicates the framework of planning development dairy sectors and sub sectors or regions in Kenya.

The development of the dairy product beliefs in the people

It guides the progressive development of future investments. A master plan that gives direction for positive changes, indicate how much and what kind of interventions are possible in terms of policy, programs or projects.

It is an action plan guide to dairy stakeholders such as dairy farmers, milk processors, input and service providers, retailers, planners, and policy makers. The plan is formulated with vision to transform milk production and trade into an innovative, commercially oriented and globally competitive dairy value chain by and to enable the development of sustainable milk production and trade for wealth creation.

Dairy product market in Kenya is under growing phase which attracts large number of global giants to the country to invest into the markets of Kenya.

Various market players have invested and launched innovative dairy product in Kenya in the form of UHT milk, processed cheese and its forms, fat free butter, yoghurt with high nutritional content, and ice creams in different flavors.

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These product launches have resulted in increased awareness among the people about the available dairy products in the market, which consequently benefit the market as people tend to spend on these products. Additionally, market players strongly promote their product by providing free samples and offers on Products, Which Further Augments The Dairy Product Market.

According To Ken Research Analyst. Key Topics Covered in the Report:In the subsequent years Amul made cheese and baby food on a large commercial scale again processing buffalo milk creating a history in the world.

was the turning point in the history of dairy development programme in India.

The development of the dairy product beliefs in the people

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A recent attempt to improve the quality of milk by the health food community is the development of a standard called organic dairy products. While I am not sure of the exact requirements, presumably fewer drugs, pesticides and other harmful practices are used in the production of this milk.

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