Receipt system

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Receipt system

If you leave a search method field blank, the system excludes that search method and uses the other Receipt system that you specify. If you leave all five fields blank, the system searches using all methods in the order listed. The system searches for a payor record type P first, and Receipt system for a customer record type C in the Bank Transit Master table.

If the system cannot determine a payor from the F table, and a value exists in either the Document Number or Generic Match field, the system uses the search methods specified to locate the payor from the Customer Ledger record.

Receipt system

For example, if the Invoice Number processing option is 1, the Sales Order Number processing option is 4, the Customer Reference Number processing option is 2, and the Statement Number processing option is 3, the system matches the Document Number or Generic Match field with the invoice number first.

If no match is found, the system attempts to match the Document Number or Generic Match field with the remaining priorities in the specified order until a match is found.

If the system cannot locate the payor using one of the search methods, or if the Document Number or Generic Match field is blank, the system assigns the customer number from the F03B13Z1 table as the payor.

If the Customer field is blank, the system uses the value from processing option 7 Address Number on the Defaults tab.

If processing option 7 is blank, the system generates a logged receipt and you must manually enter the payor.

Receipt system

The setting of this processing option controls whether you can select the draft for aging. When you create a draft without an open amount, you use that record as a placeholder only; you cannot select it for payment or aging. Create draft invoice records R1 with an open amount.

Create draft invoice records R1 without an open amount. The system uses this processing option only when you specify 1 in the Drafts Upload processing option on the Process tab. Run the Apply Receipts to Invoices program.

Approving and Posting Receipts. This program determines the information that is necessary for the system to match a receipt to an invoice or a group of invoices based on the algorithms that are set up on the execution list and the information that is provided in the receipt records. When you run Apply Receipts to Invoices, the system: Updates the receipt record F03B13 with the execution list from the customer record, if one exists, or from the processing options.

Updates the receipt record with the program number of the first algorithm found in the execution list. Creates a new batch if the receipt or draft records are posted; otherwise, reopens the original batch. Creates an error report when errors exist.

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The Apply Receipts to Invoices program was run, but the receipt was not successfully applied. The receipt was successfully applied to invoices.

If the program cannot successfully apply the receipt to invoices, you can either revise information on the electronic receipt record and reprocess the receipt automatically, or manually apply the receipt to invoices using the Standard Receipts Entry program.

After you apply receipts to invoices, you must post the receipt batches to update the general ledger. The system can locate and apply the receipt to the open invoices without specifying the pay item.Food Distribution Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Order Receipt System (FFAVORS).

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CPRIT Application Receipt System (CARS): Frequently Asked Questions. Welcome to the CARS Frequently Asked Questions section. To send Comments, Questions, and Suggestions for Web Site Changes, email us at [email protected] use the word FAQ in the subject line..

If you don't find the answer to your question, please call the CPRIT Helpdesk at or email us at . Food Distribution Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Order Receipt System (FFAVORS) Last Published: 12/07/ Maintenance Notice.

FFAVORS is scheduled for maintenance every Sunday from PM through AM Central Time.


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