Pre territorial history of arizona

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Pre territorial history of arizona

Arizona's cultural and ethnic diversity has its roots in a rich inheritance. Spanish and Mexican influences were and still are of great significance. Spanish explorers made many expeditions into and through Arizona in the mid's in their search for the fabled "Cities of Gold". Spanish artifacts, like pieces of armor, helmets, and horsehair ropes have been found in caves in southern New Mexico and Arizona, discarded by soldiers or Indians after a raid on the Spanish.

Wagon tracks worn into rock can still be seen in some places north of the Mexican border on private ranches where I grew up. Under Spanish rule, land south of the Gila River was open for settlement.

The earliest Spanish Settlements were at a fort at Tubac and what today is the city of Tucson Arizona was home to a variety of Native American tribes, who inhabited this region for hundreds of years.

Indigenous tribes included the cliff and pueblo dwelling Zuni and Hopi Indians, the nomadic Apache Geronimo and Navaho tribes which moved with the seasons or the food supply and claim to be descendents of the vanished Anasazi cliff dwellers.

The Apache were a fierce tribe who raided and stole cattle and horses, and generally made life hazardous for the early settlers in this region. From part of this vast area Congress created a new territory called New Mexico in More land south of the Gila River was purchased in Gadsden Purchase.

These were added to the New Mexico Territory and Arizona was separated from it in Arizona achieved statehood in As part of the true "Old West", Arizona has left it's mark on history.

The stories of the shootout at OK Coral, Tombstone, and the stories of the famous Apache chiefs Cochise and Geronimo have been romanticized in books, movies, and on TV.

Pre territorial history of arizona

Modern day Arizona is home to several Indian reservations. Beef production, many of the large, old ranches are still in operation and farming are part of Arizona's economy. The dry climate and mild winters make Arizona a popular place to retire.Nov 10,  · Road to Statehood - (Pre ) From 13, B.C.

to Statehood (and a bit beyond,) this 72 minute, two part program tells the story from pre . Arizona, although like the Chiricahua and other Apache of Arizona, they raided far southward, and were reputed to have laid waste every town in northern Mexico as far as the Gila, prior to the Gadsden purchase in , and with having exterminated the Sobaipuri, a .

travels from 13, BC and Arizona’s earliest known prehistorics – Cochise Man – to the year AD when Hernan Cortez and his Conquistadores arrived to . Arizona Territorial Legislature: History • Arizona Organic Act: February 24, • Statehood of Arizona: February 14, The Territory of Arizona (also known as Arizona Territory) was a territory of the United States that existed from February 24, until February Pre Territorial Period In Arizona.

Pre territorial history of arizona

POS Arizona/Federal Government 09 June Once Christopher Columbus discovered America in the race began for European countries to claim their territory in the new land. This struggle to claim territory created a unique history for .

Official Name/Status All States: The STATE of Florida: Status: STATE of the Union: Organized as a Territory: 30 March 3 Stat. originally, formally annexed by the United States via Treaty with the Spanish Realm, 22 February ; temporary pre-Territorial governance provided for by Act of Congress, 3 March Admitted to the Union as a State: 3 March Enabling Act (5 Stat.

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