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Here are the keys to successfully preparing and writing a strong and focused job-search resume. Do consider a bulleted style to make your resume as reader-friendly as possible. If your resume spills beyond one page, but you have less than a half a page of material for the second page, it may be best to condense to one page. Academics, doctors, researchers, and others who use CVs rather than resumes do not have to pay attention to the page-length rule.

Lifehacker writing a resume

Typeface of the Week: Century Gothic—the curvy, eco-friendly typeface of young Starfleet Century Gothic is a light, round Sans Serif typeface designed in for Monotype Imaging. It is a geometric Sans Serif, with similar curves, repeated across character for increased consistency.

The tittle for Century Gothic are actually wider than the rest of the lower case I and j, which is also less common. Century Gothic also has the unique features of single-storey lowercase a and g. As Ecofont points out in arguing their typeface is more eco-friendlyCentury Gothic is a wide typeface, and thus will take up more paper.

As I said in the Garamond post, this is a lovely combination. Category of the typeface [1]: High Width and weight [3]: The characters are wide, but the weight is light.

The face is the second widest face of the faces we have examined so far in the Typeface of the Week postssecond to Verdana. It is also one of the lightest, with Garamond. Check out the typeface cascades PDF to see the width and weight in comparison.

lifehacker writing a resume

Century gothic is a mix of very round curves and angular points. Legibility and Readability [5]: Century Gothic is both readable and legible. The lightness of the face may make it harder to read by those with eye sight issues, but it is heavy enough to be comfortable for most readers.

Voice-over and ethos [6]: Dawn Shaikhin her study on typefaces and personality found Century Gothic to be good, calm, slightly active, slightly cool, and happy. Overall, Century Gothic speaks with a clean, crisp, curvy, and slightly funky voice.

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The face would not have much ethos in highly traditional areas, but would work in business and professional settings where a bit of style is acceptable.

It also works in space. Typefaces that contrast well with it [7]: I recommend using Century Gothic with Garamond for a lovely contrast. Typefaces that provide conflict [8]: Verdana is also wide, so it too will conflict more than most Sans Serifs.

Likely audiences and uses of the typeface: Audiences include Starfleet members inchildren, and people reading anything printed at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

The higher the height of the lowercase x, the more readable the typeface. Widths is how wide the letters in the typeface are.

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Weight is how heavy the typeface appears on a page the thickness of the strokes of the letters. A heavy typeface will look black and make the overall page darker, a light typeface will look lighter and make the overall page a shade of gray. If you were building the typeface out of materials, what would you use?

Voice over is the voice of the typeface or the style of the typeface. What style does the typeface suggest. If the typeface could talk, what would it sound like? Would it be a valley girl or a New Your City business woman?

Ethos refers to the authority of the text. When would this typeface be appropriate?

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For good design you want to use typefaces that contrast. Clearly distinct faces contrast and create a strong design.Resume Checker Lifehacker Lifehacker Resume Builder Script Writing Summary Examples Ideas Resignation Letter Format Words Medium Free Resume Writing Services Nyc.

Resume Checker Lifehacker Lifehacker . While many of you came to read the resume writing help, I figure some of you were enticed to visit based on the photo accompanying Lifehacker’s post.

You’ve gotta admit, the girl pictured is really “creative”. Writing your very first resume can be a daunting process. And it doesn’t help to know that recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing a resume before they make the initial decision on candidates, according to research conducted by TheLadders, an online job-matching service for professionals.

Here are the keys to successfully preparing and writing a strong and focused job-search resume. Do consider a bulleted style to make your resume as reader-friendly as possible. Don’t get overwrought about the old one-page resume rule.


This is a well thought out post. Professional looking email addresses and professional use of them is a great concept and idea. Its important, especially when putting it on a resume or other related places.

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