It299 unit 8 project

IT Application: Construct Information technology solutions. Note — Very Important — Product versus Project — Throughout your Assignments in this course it is expected that you will be simultaneously working on your actual product. The technological solution needs to be explored, investigated, detailed, and prototyped. There are no deliverables for the actual product until Units 7 and 9.

It299 unit 8 project

Project Initiation bpayne and Adrienne Watt The project initiation phase is the first phase within the project management life cycle, as it involves starting up a new project.

Within the initiation phase, the business problem or opportunity is identified, a solution is defined, a project is formed, and a project team is appointed to build and deliver the solution to the customer.

A business case is created to define the problem or opportunity in detail and identify a preferred solution for implementation.

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It is up to the project sponsor to determine if the project is worth undertaking and whether the project will be profitable to the organization. The completion and approval of the feasibility study triggers the beginning of the planning phase.

The feasibility study may also show that the project is not worth pursuing and the project is terminated; thus the next phase never begins. All projects are created for a reason.

Someone identifies a need or an opportunity and devises a project to address that need. The success of your project depends on the clarity and accuracy of your business case and whether people believe they can achieve it.

Often the pressure to get results encourages people to go right into identifying possible solutions without fully understanding the need or what the project is trying to accomplish. This strategy can create a lot of immediate activity, but it also creates significant chances for waste and mistakes if the wrong need is addressed.

For most of us, being misunderstood is a common occurrence, something that happens on a daily basis. What the customer ordered or more accurately what they think they ordered is often not what they get. The need for establishing clear project objectives cannot be overstated.

An objective or goal lacks clarity if, when shown to five people, it is interpreted in multiple ways.

It299 unit 8 project

Ideally, if an objective is clear, you can show it to five people who, after reviewing it, hold a single view about its meaning.

The best way to make an objective clear is to state it in such a way that it can be verified. It is important to provide quantifiable definitions to qualitative terms.

Figure 7. By when should the driver be able to achieve the objective?

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It is no use having the fastest lap after the race has finished, and equally the fastest lap does not count for qualifying and therefore starting position, if it is performed during a practice session.

The ambiguity of this objective can be seen from the following example. However, he achieved this on lap 23 of the race, but crashed on lap 44 of a lap race.

He also went on to win the race, even though he did not achieve that lap time during the race bottom. It should be noted that a clear goal is not enough. It must also be achievable. Realism is introduced because the people who will do the work have a good sense of what it takes to accomplish a particular task.

In addition, this process assures some level of commitment on all sides: management expresses its commitment to support the work effort and workers demonstrate their willingness to do the work.Project management software automates many manual steps in project planning, Gantt chart generation, etc.

If you don't have previous experience with project management software, this is an opportunity to get some experience and begin to acquire a skill that will be useful in your future project planning and management work.


CE CE/ CE Unit 2 Seminar Option 2 -[kaplan] From - May 7, AM. Assignment Grading Rubric Course: Essay Dissertation Help. Your Final Project Management Documentation Archive will be delivered in Unit The project management planning activities and documents that form your deliverables for Units 2 through 9 are only part of the solution.

They are there to support your actual objective of product. Here is the best resource for homework help with IT Capstone in Information Technology at Kaplan University. Find IT study guides, notes, and. MT MT MT/ Unit 9 Assignment Final Project Volkswagen Kaplan University Online | Partager.

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It299 unit 8 project

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