How to write a burning platform

Nonetheless, the message almost always changes to some extent. The reason I selected the story was that I thought it would be memorable.

How to write a burning platform

Technically, there is nothing that can compare to the linux kernel, which works on everything; supercomputers, mobile phones, TVs, routers, web servers, desktops, refrigerators, etc. Not only does it work, but it works well, much better than everything else. Or the work on power management lead by embedded helps web servers, where decreasing power consumption is also very much wanted.

This creates a environment of synergy never seen before, where even competitors work together. Linux won the kernel race, and its use would only increase; the ones that try to fight against it would only fail miserably.

how to write a burning platform

What makes anyone think that this time it would work? And how many companies have successfully partnered with Microsoft? To make WP7 work on a wide variety of platforms, even Intel, on a relatively short amount of time, is simply impossible. It can only be done with linux.

And why would phone manufacturers, such as Samsung, find this platform appealing? Phone manufacturers should know by now how difficult is to work with Microsoft and its technologies, and how exhausting must be to try to differentiate.

As Nokia colleague puts it: But Nokia is now stuck to the death. Balance Android is not perfect, manufacturers are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate, but Google has the last word.

Now, Android is the 1 platform, and the market share would surely keep increasing if nothing drastic happens.

How to Surf Across a Burning Platform - CIO OF THE FUTURE

Other phone manufacturers have to look into alternatives to Android, if only to increase competition and thus make Android continually improve itself, and not left unchecked. So what are the options? WP7, MeeGo, or a new platform from scratch. I already listed some of the disadvantages of WP7, and starting a new platform from scratch never looks too appealing, so, ironically, MeeGo might seem now a viable option.

Moreover, Nokia will continue working on it, in fact, nothing changes before the first MeeGo product is released. So MeeGo is still pretty much alive. What if What if other phone manufacturers join MeeGo, and continue without Nokia?

What if WP7 fails? But that would be too late for Nokia to do anything else; all the confidence in the company would be lost, from consumers, share holders, developers, parters, etc.Just as a fire is the only reason an oilrig worker would deliberately dive off a platform to near-certain death, most leaders won’t embark on radical change when business is going well.

Many of us labor under the illusion that if our company has great brand value and . The "burning platform" metaphor is a convenient way for them to understand that they have no choice but to leap off the platform, or die.

how to write a burning platform

Today, the burning platform metaphor is widely accepted and used in sparking change management initiatives. Studer believes the approach has created what he calls a “burning platform” for change. Community support continues to grow. Four reasons it is time to get off the burning platform, and I don’t mean jump.

It’s impractical. You must tap emotions to create a sense of urgency among employees. If you focus on negative emotions like fear, this can be the equivalent of shouting fire. The term: Burning Platform is a business lexicon that emphasizes immediate and radical change due to dire circumstances.

The origin of if the term comes from a story about a man on an oil platform in the North Sea. How to Anticipate a Burning Platform. Scott Anthony; December 11, It’s been nearly two years since Nokia CEO Stephen Elop shot off his burning platform memo as a way of shaking up the.

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