Block making business plan in nigeria today

Use figures where necessary Simplicity and clarity. It is usual for the person who has the authority to approve your business plan for funding assistance to have a very busy schedule; also it is equally possible that business plans from other entrepreneurs are competing with your plan for funding.

Block making business plan in nigeria today

New block making technology debuts in Nigeria On The technology which automatically mixes concrete and results in accurate measurement of materials, is being introduced to Nigeria and Africa for the first time by Growth and Employment in States, GEMS 2; a UK aid funded agency intervention in the construction and real estate sector in Nigeria.

CONCRETE MD; manufactured by Cart-Away Concrete Systems, an American corporation is a mobile self-sustained machine that uses fuel, automated mixture barrel, measurement dashboard and other components which reduce human variation to a large extent thereby providing better assurance of accuracy, consistency and quality output.

The features contained in the machine enable it to be moved from site to site conveniently. It does not depend on PHCN but more importantly, it is believed that it will alleviate considerably, the problem of frequent building collapse in Nigeria.

Ashkin who noted that since the arrival of the machine, GEMS 2 has launched nationwide demonstration and training sessions to showcase the efficacy of the machine to key stakeholders, said the training session kicked off in Abuja last week and attracted essentially businesses in the construction sector.

block making business plan in nigeria today

He stated that the high point of the event was when concrete block made from the MD CONCRETE machine was placed side by side the one made with the local mixer, pointing out that the difference was glaring to all.

GEMS 2 Technical director further noted that his organization has been investing in research and improvements which have the capacity to evolve innovations, build local capacity, grow income and empower labour in this case, the artisan.Concrete block industry business is one of the best business you can start in Nigeria right now.

Read this article to learn how to start. Top 20 Most Lucrative Business In Nigeria Today Total Shares. How to Apply for Jobs Online in Nigeria Total Shares. All within two years of running the cement block industry business! She make more than a million naira per month from the business on a good season.

The most interesting part of it . Are you looking for lucrative and profitable business ideas in Nigeria ideas? If YES, here are some top notch and comfortable business ideas and investment Today, there are several money-making cash crops that you can produce and sell on a yearly basis.

I highlighted these difficulties not to demoralize you but to help you plan ahead of. Founded in , Queen Machinery Co.,Ltd is a Professional Block machine & Brick machine Trading Company in China.

block making business plan in nigeria today

Our main products include Block making machine, Brick making machine, Brick and Block production line, AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) Lightweight Block production line, Concrete mixing plant, Paving Stone and Curb forming machine, Roof Tile forming machine etc.

Feb 25,  · Ice Block Making Business – Business – Nairaland – View How to start ice block making business for the business like the ice block making machine etc 4 How lucrative is the day ice block machine to Nigeria, /5(K). Top 20 Most Lucrative Business In Nigeria Today but few of us know the money making potential that exist in the business of block making.

Concrete block making business plan nigeria

Cement block industry business can earn you as much as one million naira monthly. As if u are sure of selling blocks everyday. If u don’t have the to to do proper research and marketing plan.

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