An analysis of the topic of the escalating sophistication of technology during the information age

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An analysis of the topic of the escalating sophistication of technology during the information age

Introduction Security issues are a key concern in cloud computing in the light of new security threats which evolve.

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It is thus reasonable to expect that these threats will perpetuate within creasing use of technology. Traditionally, data security models are aimed at protecting the perimeter of the organization.

In the more recent technology environment, however, this approach is no longer sufficient. Particularly, in the case of cloud computing, potential risks are as likely to come from within the organization as from external sources.

Among other critical procedures, measures to control data corruption, access, disruption and loss must be adapted to the new cloud computing paradigm. This poses a great challenge for organizations which have migrated to the clouds because whether it is in the public or private cloud, data is practically under the control of the service providers Wang, Businesses that have migrated their information systems to the clouds are at the mercy of data security being offered by providers unless they opt to reinforce their data security at their own costs.

Needless to say, therefore, that data security is not guaranteed fail-secured. Accordingly, cloud-enabled organizations are concerned with the security of their information, especially with regard to exposure to unauthorized parties. Moreover, attacks are changing to more sophisticated forms to gain access to specific types of data and take control of valuable corporate information.

Cloud computing offers a multiplicity of advantages to business organizations, ranging from cost efficiency to easier exchange of valuable data within various frameworks. Nevertheless, businesses face many challenges with their migration from traditional to open systems.

Data protection is especially vital to assure client confidentiality and security compliance for businesses. Being an emergent technology, cloud computing will undoubtedly benefit from research aimed at bolstering data protection and security.

This alone provides a strong justification for the conduct of the proposed study. There are a number of external factors which may affect the proposed study. These will be explained in the next section.

Protection and proper reporting is seen as a positive framework on which to formulate software to counteract threats. Furthermore, increased awareness of Trojan and hacker attacks, as well as other vector attacks, is crucial in being able to build a standard database server security. According to Lyon, devices connected to a LAN or to the Internet by means of modern technologies that include well-known and not-so-well-known ports increase the need for secure operation.

Improved WAN performance adds an extra degree of security by transporting data through distinctive well-secured pipelines. Both LAN and WAN security implementations are beneficial for both service providers and enterprises as they broaden virtual networks outside their facilities, leading these security measures to enhance higher network productivity Cole, Inputs from the study will eventually be synergized to develop a best practices approach that could lead to better infrastructure development as explained in Rittinghouse and Ransome To this end, it is hoped that organizations who have harnessed cloud computing utilities will be able to effectively monitor data exchanges, especially in terms of securing access from the back to the front- end portions of the system.

This is integral to intelligent security management, and the proposed study will be instrumental in rendering a higher level of data security in the context. Background of the Study Hackers take advantage of open systems by striking during data transfers as more companies are entering the cloud-computing environment Dumas, Computer security experts, therefore, cite the need to safeguard memory, CPU, storage, and program execution in order to mitigate any security attacks.

Once encryption is broken, the corporate network can be illegally accessed and hackers can intercept data being transmitted at will Joshi, Evaluating best practices when interviewing stakeholders during design Mr.

An analysis of the topic of the escalating sophistication of technology during the information age

Ibrahim Mohedas, University of Michigan Ibrahim Mohedas is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan. He received his B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in Don ’t panic!

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