An analysis of the pi number in the bible

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An analysis of the pi number in the bible

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However, the dramatic narrative is what gives the book its distinctive and this is what is significant for determining the message of Numbers. Though judgment was effected, yet grace was shown but Israel continued to rebel.

An analysis of the pi number in the bible

Those whom God had redeemed from slavery in Egypt and to whom He had displayed grace at Mount Sinai responded with indifference, ingratitude, and repeated acts of rebellion. The Exodus generation was ultimately forbidden to enter the Land of Promise, and was made to live out their lives in the wilderness because they defiantly refused to obey Yahweh and enter the Land of Promise to take possession of it.

That privilege was given to their children who would enjoy the blessings of Yahweh in the land promised to Abraham. Although the second generation had seen the rebellion of the Exodus generation and experienced the judgment of wilderness wandering for forty years, they did not fully learn from this for on the eve of their entering the Land of Promise, while en route to the Plains of Moab, and even while encamped on the Plains, they too rebelled against Yahweh.

Yet through all of these years of rebellion God gave assurance that the covenant, though disrupted, had not failed. Literally, and theologically as well, the Book of Numbers is structured around the organizational ordering of the Exodus generation for their march to, and conquest of, the Land of Promise, and the reordering of the second generation as they are poised, in the failure of the first generation, to enter the Land and take possession of it.

In a broad sense, the whole of the book can be characterized by periods of rebellion followed by assurance from Yahweh that the covenant has not failed.

This characterization is seen broadly in the arrangement of material in the form of the following alternating pattern which reflects the oscillation between rebellion and assurance: This suggests that the book of Numbers is more complex than might be indicated by the events of census and ordering of the people.

Synthesis Of The Text As A Unified And Coherent Whole The analyses discussed above have been used, implicitly and explicitly, to obtain an initial exegesis of the text and from that an understanding of Numbers as a unified and coherent whole. This understanding is expressed in the form the statement of its message, its synthetic structure, and the synthesis of the text which follows from that message and structure.

But it was too late; judgment had been passed. Rather the men of that generation would die in the wilderness And then comes the most devastating revelation as Moses further warns them not to go up lest their enemies strike them down because Yahweh is not among you. The message of the Book of Numbers may be determined on the basis of the analyses and previous consideration.

This understanding of Numbers, together with the considerations discussed above, leads to the following synthetic structure and synthesis of its text as a unified and coherent whole.

Synthetic Structure Of The Text The synthetic structure of Numbers is presented first in broad form to gain an overview perspective of the text, and then in detailed form which expresses more completely how all the portions of the text relate together in a unified and coherent manner.

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Broad Synthetic Structure I. The organization of Israel for military service and for service in the Tabernacle 1: The sanctification of Israel to Yahweh 5: Laws to be obeyed after entering the Land The organization of the new generation The renewal of the regulations of sacrifices to be offered at the appointed times and festivals, and of the regulations of vows The beginning of the Conquest and division of the land east of the Jordan Instructions for the conquest and division of Canaan, the Land of Promise west of the Jordan The organization of the tribes into armies for war and service groups for the Tabernacle 1: Appointment of the Levites to serve in the Tabernacle 1: The organization of the Levites for serving Yahweh in the Tabernacle 3: The census of the Levites 3:The Bible employs 22 in a more arithmetical manner than most numbers.

Consider the perfect shape to be a circle. 22 divided by 7 is a good approximation of pi, which is the ratio of a .

Biblical Math Mystery Solution for PI by Roy A. Reinhold, revised and expanded August 1, In reading the Bible, many people come across a description of the huge sea at Solomon's Temple, which held baths of water. The God number or God sequence is a number that is said to have been lost.

We learn that every letter of the Hebrew alphabet has a number that correlates to it. These numbers then create a sequence for believers to follow and find clues in the Bible. Nov 18,  · Good songs to listen to while writing an essay essay on romeo and juliet act 1 scene 1 lavinia beta communicare si discursive essay.

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The analysis and synthesis approach to biblical studies applied here to Numbers is a methodology developed by the author (DeCanio, ) in conjunction with his doctoral studies at the University of South Africa. An abbreviated version of this work entitled, Biblical Hermeneutics and a Methodology for Studying the Bible, will be posted as an article on Recall that pi is the ratio of circumference to diameter in a circle. And even most young students know that pi is not exactly equal to three. It is often approximated as , though the actual decimal expansion goes on forever: The God number or God sequence is a number that is said to have been lost. We learn that every letter of the Hebrew alphabet has a number that correlates to it. These numbers then create a sequence for believers to follow and find clues in the Bible.

13 days ago · The number 40 in the Bible symbolizes completion. You can see this number in the Bible for times. In Hebraic culture the number 40 is connected to the trial and testing of any kind.

Jun 22,  · Post #8 The Bible by the Numbers of pi Abraham Sharp Calculated pi to 72 digits, The Bible ~ by pi At Bible enter the number of digits of pi that you would like calculated and the verse will be displayed Last edited: Jun 22, Jun 20,

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