A description of my life in a tough army school

More Essay Examples on Military Rubric The preliminary shock of loneness brought tears to my eyes; but, I realized that just because I am away from my family and friends physically does not mean they are not in my heart. I realized that I was strong enough to make it through bootcamp without any help and I was capable of being a great role model for my entire Family. I was finally able to accept that I was now an independent woman serving my country proudly. Another great change the military provided for me is my outlook on physical fitness.

A description of my life in a tough army school

Day 0 all the days up until you actually start training, could be One of the platoon bays will be opened up for you and 60 or so of your closest friends.

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Day 1 PT test: PT test early in the morning. When you take the PT test, the pushups are what really screw a lot of people up.

Focus on form, not number. Make sure they count. Keep your fingers locked behind your head and go all the way up and all the way down. The run is pretty simple, just complete it in under the maximum time for in your gender.

This is a chin up palms facing you that you hold for 20 seconds. Standard is 20 seconds, no resting on the bar.

A description of my life in a tough army school

Simple stuff compared to the former standard of pull-ups. Week 1 Training Ground Week: This week consists of a few training points. Proper exit technique Exit an mockup aircraft door Perform a proper Parachute Landing Fall PLF Performance of a PLF from a zip line mechanism Exit a 34 foot tower How to unroll and rigger roll a parachute harness Wear the parachute harness During week 1, they teach you to perform the basics of being a paratrooper.

Rank and personality play no part in this. Keep your feet and knees together. When you fall, remember your training.

Week 2 Training Tower Week: Focus on your exits, and step, kick, count. The highlight of this week is the Swing Landing Trainer. You will step off of a platform, and the black hats will pull a lever and drop you while you swing back and forth.

The training apparatus is much more difficult than the actual jump, but the training is solid. The black hats will conduct the training at the foot tower, which brings me to the foot tower training. I survived just fine without it.

Be prepared to bring the pack home with you and stuff it with your own gear. The final portion of week 2 is malfunctions training, where they teach you how to pull a reserve chute properly, and how to land in trees, power lines, and water. Week 3 Training Jump Week: This is actually the easiest week, albeit the longest.

This is followed by, you guessed it, more sitting. Jump out the door, keep your feet and knees together, and prepare to land.


Perform a proper PLF and get the to the loading zone. Board the bus and repeat.

A description of my life in a tough army school

Outprocess and continue on to your airborne mission. Some other points that would probably benefit you: Earplugs are your best friend. Tobacco is off limits during the duty day. The only thing you should have on you is your ID, meal card, and your copy of the airborne creed.The Army job of utilities equipment repairer (MOS 91C) is part of the Ordnance Corps, which repairs all manner of weapons, equipment, and utilities.

Army Firefighter Requirements and Job Description. Army Job MOS 14S Air and Missile Defense Crewmember. What Does a . Ranger School. Ranger School is one of the toughest training courses for which a Soldier can volunteer.

Army Rangers are experts in leading Soldiers on difficult missions - and to do this, they.

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A Combat Medic Specialist assists with patient care, Home-School Graduates; Buddy Team Enlistment Option; Soldier & Family Services; After the Army; getting an education and preparing yourself for the life after the military.

The Army is helping me with my master's degree and a doctorate in global health by paying for my education. I'm. One of my favorite photos, she is also an army veteran. She was a medic in the late s through early s, she came for my basic training graduation.

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As I am here in a school far away from my family, I get to know how important they are, in my life. They have sent me to a reputed school with all great efforts believing I would succeed and excel in my .

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